The War Of 18122 Should Be Taken Out Of History Books

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"The rights of persons, and the rights of property are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted." ~James Madison. The cost of the supplies used to make our history books has sky-rocketed. Some think that the War of 1812, also known as the Forgotten War, should be taken out of the history books to save money. Based on what I know and what I have researched, the War of 18122 should stay in our history books. To clarify my statement, Great Britain was no longer a threat, our national pride was restored after the war, and very important heroes emerged from the war. First of all, America showed that Great Britain was no longer a threat to the young country. By winning our second war with them, it showed that even a new and unexperienced country can defeat the best army of that time. Adding to that, the War of 1812 is commonly known as our second war of independence. We became even more independent when our National Anthem was written after the bombing of Fort McHenry. Although the British might've burned now many of our capital buildings, including the White House, we were able to rebuild and we even restored our trade. Trade and impressment were some of the biggest reasons why we were at war and in the end, we could trade …show more content…

By winning the war we were able to show the strength and determination of our country. One thing that showed our strength and determination was the bombing of Fort McHenry. To explain, after many hours of bombing, the huge American flag still waved above Fort McHenry. It was only able to wave because brave men held the flag up as if to tell the British that even if they knock down our flag and our people, we will never give up. You can't forget the Battle of New Orleans. The message from the battle of New Orleans basically says that a small country, such as the United States, can defeat a large army if they have the

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