The Patriots Contributions To The American Revolution

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Professor White strongly defines the American Revolution as “a war that took more than just an army to win.” There are many different contributions that could easily support the successful win of the Patriots. However, the Patriots would not have been as successful during the war without the help of French soldiers. The American colonists faced many difficulties at the beginning of the American Revolution. The Americans suffered in areas of preparation, due to their lack of experienced soldiers and war supplies. In order for the Americans to successfully win the war, they would have to train their military force and learn military tactics to best ambush the British. For the Americans, there were several challenges to overcome, and several decisions on how to overcome them, which ultimately decided the outcome of the war.
To begin, The American Revolution was an important event for the North American continent. Although the Patriots had many weaknesses in the Revolutionary War, their alliance with French soldiers and their intense knowledge of the land led to their success. The most important purpose of the colonists during the War for Independence was the submergence with France. For instance, “the Patriots were secretly receiving weapons from France”. (Office of The Historian. Milestones 1776-1783, …show more content…

Defeating the British gave the Patriots the political and economic rights they were seeking from Britain since the start of the conflict. The Patriots were now free to establish their own political systems, representative government and elected officials, that best suited their interests. Americans would only be taxed by people who would strictly represent them. American independence brought an end to the British mercantilism that had once been such an important aspect of the American colonial

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