Thesis Statement For American Independence

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What is America ? Early America was a formation of colonies formed into one united nation. The founding fathers of America shaped all of America 's ideas, and also structured the american democracy which is still present today. The American colonies now free from British rule could act freely and establish Their own new formation of Government, the declaration of independence, which separated them from British rule, and the Bill of rights. which established their own amendments. These 3 key Factors define America as being a free Mind.America is an open and independent mind.
The American Revolutionary war for Independence was also very important for America. It was the Thirteen North American colonies fighting for independence. in arm conflict against Great Britain who had dominant colonial power over North America. The North colonies winning this war required perseverance and Strategy. A Quote that …show more content…

America is an Independent body of minds and also was the first of its kind coming up with new ways to separate and distance themselves away from other countries that 's what makes America so unique it wasn 't told what to do by British Parliament or have a Monarch. A quote that supports my main definition and thesis statement would be would be a quote by Thomas Jefferson when he said “ The cement of this union is the heart blood of every american”Jefferson, Thomas. "To Lafayette Monticello, February 14, 1815." The Letters of Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826. American History, n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2015. This Quote by him has many meanings things such as the Americans Fighting the War against Britain and getting to where they are now. He is saying that The people that fought for the cause of freedom and independendence has a piece of it in their blood. they helped build it into what it is today. And what he also means by the cement is saying america as a foundation cannot be broken The new system that they have created is hard as

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