Is America Really Free

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America is the universal symbol of freedom. But is it really free? America at one time was defined by freedom, however now America defines freedom. Thus, altering the definition of the term. The founding fathers of America made specific rules for us to follow to keep peace and unity in our society, but over time those rules have been tampered with. Keeping only key components to make it seem as if it hasn’t changed. When the colonists from England traveled over to America they had a utopia of freedom waiting for them. They had no rules or guidelines to follow or anyone to impress. The freedom had no charge. It was free. Throughout time, America began to tumble slowly. People would find loopholes around things and start problems in the community. So their rights and freedoms were limited. To an extent the rights that were provided are still available to us, and the freedoms were limited to a point that was still bearable. However, this is where the Americans realized that they can begin to limit everything. They began to …show more content…

Even after hundreds of years, America still has not been able to figure out a way to re-create the idea of equality of rights and freedoms to everyone. African Americans are still being discriminated, women are still recieving smaller wages, and homosexuals are still thought as inappropriate. The list of things America treats as unequal goes on to infinity. No matter what anyone will do, the discrimination and inequality in our nation will never end. After hundreds of years the thought of living in America and being able to live the “free” life, will never be as it was at one point in time. As sad as it is, the American government has been changing the laws that the founding fathers had made long ago and no matter what we do and how hard we try, America will never have the full freedom that was created in the very

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