Why Is America Justified Dbq

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Throughout the annals of American history, the advocation for freedom, and the absorption of ideals such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have been at the forefront of the American belief. These beliefs were implemented in 1776, through the Declaration of Independence. This document was ratified by recalcitrant Americans who would not tolerate subjection to tyrannical rule. The American people hoped this document would seal their fate in relation to Europe, and prove to Europe, and frankly the entire world, that they were a separate, sufficient nation. But as the years unfolded, the realization that America would continue to be considered an inferior nation arose. European countries such as England and France continued to undermine American ideals of freedom and did not adhere to their belief of liberty. In 1812, America declared war against Great Britain. The question soon arose as to why America would declare war against the most powerful country in the world. …show more content…

Although declaring war against Great Britain seemed to be a deadly miscalculation, and an unnecessary one, that could have lead to their imprisonment once again, the reasons as to why America went to war against the British in 1812 were justified due to the conflicts over impressment and naval superiority, the willingness to prove that they were to be seen as a separate nation, as well as the popular idea of expansion as a

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