Battle Of Britain Vs America Essay

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The ongoing battle of Britain versus America raged on with one of the most important wars in American history, the War of 1812. This battle began with a simple feud. Britain had been angry at America for helping both them and their enemy in a war. Britain felt that America shouldn’t help France and should be punished for helping. They began committing a series of naval violations against our naval policy. The Americans were agitated and the “Americans came to see British violations as more obnoxious, especially when those violations included the practice of impressment.” (David Heidler and Jeanne Heidler). Impressment was the capturing of troops and ships on sea and using them in one’s own navy. These actions were the British wrongdoings and it played a major role in …show more content…

America was furious and had the right to go to war. With power growing in Congress, “a group of young Democratic-Republicans known as War Hawks assumed a conspicuous and dominant role. The War Hawks urged immediate redress of American grievances against Great Britain by declaring war.” Everyone had agreed that due to their actions, America would go to war. Some of the most important battles in the war included the battle of Fort McHenry and New Orleans. Fort McHenry led to our National Anthem and a confidence booster for battles to come. New Orleans had no effect on the outcome of war, but strengthened the American morale and given us closure with the victory after the war. The Battle of Fort McHenry and the Battle of New Orleans were key battles in the War of 1812. The Battle of Fort McHenry had its importance in the war, but it affected the people of America more with its impact on the rise of nationalism in America. This battle is known for what it inspired; the American national anthem. “The Star Spangled Banner” was composed by Francis Scott Key in 1814 during the battle. Nearing the end of the battle, Key looked up and saw the “fort 's enormous

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