Strengths And Weaknesses Of American Soldiers During The Revolutionary War

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The United States was created from the leading battles of the Continental Army in the American Revolution; Europe’s greatest nation of the time at war with its own people. The abuse of power by the king of Great Britain had angered the colonist to fight for their rights as citizens, this lead to the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. As the troops of the American and British soldiers fought during the war what strengths and weaknesses influenced the win of the American soldiers? During the American Revolution, the American and British soldiers demonstrated clear strengths and weaknesses, which impacted the American troops’ victory.

In the first place, the British soldiers had great strengths in the American revolution, …show more content…

The Continental army was weak because it consisted of untrained farmers, who have no war experience. Not only was the colonists’ army weak, but the continental army also lacked manpower; the army was small with only 20,000 troops at one time and place. The colonist also couldn’t train well because of frequent interruptions of needing to tend their farms. The colonist’s army wasn’t their only problem, but the American soldiers were always on a shortage of necessities such as food, weaponry, gunpowder, and uniforms. Even though the Continental army had many weaknesses, but they also possessed great strengths. The colonies had a great leader, George Washington, he was an experienced commander that all the colonies could favor. George Washington was able to control the Continental army and was knowledgeable of how the British would command their troops. The Colonists also gained help from other countries such as France and Spain; France provided up to 90% of the Americans’ gunpowder in the war’s first two years. Even with such influencing weaknesses the American colonies held strong with their strengths against the

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