Why Did Britain Lose The Revolutionary War

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The American Revolution is one of the most, if not the most, important wars the Americans have ever fought. This war meant independence for America or to be exploited for their resources by authoritative Britain. With the victory, the Americans earned their right to become their own independent and sovereign states. However, it is the war that was never truly won. Britain, in fact, lost the war more than the Americans won it. With the best navy in the world, a better trained militia, and abundance of wealth, weapons, and supplies, it was Britain 's war to lose. When it came to the best navy in the world, it was no contest, the British ruled the seas. The British navy was feared throughout the world, they rarely lost battles. It protected Britain with great success. A reason for this is that they were a world leader in manufacturing. They had more ships than everyone, and they were able to consistently to make more. The …show more content…

England’s wealth was incomparable to anyone at that time. England was one of the most richest in the nation during that time. Like I stated before, they were a manufacturing superpower because they had the money to fund it. The Americans had absolutely no money, a shortage of food, clothing, tents, blankets, medical supplies, ammunition of army, and could not use the waterways to transport supplies. What did Britain have? Almost everything the Americans did not. They did not have a problem with arms, they had food, homes for the soldiers, and supplies to heal their wounded soldiers. Also, the British navy controlled the trade routes and made it nearly impossible for the Americans to transport supplies. For example, Valley Forge was one of the hardest times for American soldiers. They were short on almost every supply. Britain did not have anything remotely close to this. Britain could not make good of their supplies and failed horribly in “kicking” the Americans while they were

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