To What Extent Is World War 1 A Period Of Progress For Canada

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In my opinion, I feel that World War 1 represents a period of progress for Canada. This is because they discovered new technology and strategies, introduced some of the first women's rights, and proved Canada's independence as a country. These are all major points in the war and they all show progress. One of the first major points that World War 1 shows progress for Canada is that they discovered new technology and strategies. For example, creeping barrage, which was a strategy that allowed men to clear more enemy soldiers and gain more land. Before using creeping barrage they would send planes up to take pictures of the German trenches so they knew how to use their newfound strategy, this also introduced aerial photography. Another big part in the war was tanks, the tanks helped increase mobility and ended the stalemate of trench warfare. As you can see, all of these things were crucial to us winning the war. Another point is that they introduced some of the 1st women's rights during the war. During war times women were allowed to vote since their husbands were out at war and they needed able voters, even though it was limited, it was still progress. They …show more content…

We also stood up to Britain and showed them that we aren’t just a part of Britain during Passchendaele, our prime minister told the British governor that we would leave if he didn’t pull back the troops like we had asked before, since that would have saved a lot of casualties. We had also proved our military strength/bravery when we didn’t run away after the chlorine gas was released, we had stayed and held the line. It was said that without us, the war would’ve lasted longer than it

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