Essay On Women's Rights In Canada

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The 1920’s was a time of progress due to many different reasons that shaped our country to what it is today. Women’s rights have progressed in many ways that have improved the lives of women in that time period and is the reason women have the rights and privileges they have in Canada today. Women have gained the right to vote, even though not all women have gained this right, it was still a step in the right direction of progression. Women gaining this right was definitely progression in our country because of the amount of women fighting for this privilege and it made our country what it is today and is the main reason women 's rights and equality has come so far in our country. Our technology also progressed and improved a lot at that time …show more content…

These new inventions and creations in the 1920’s have helped with the creation of the technology we have today and has helped in different wars and helped soldiers, it has helped in making it easier to get around with the auto industry expanding, and has improved the lives of diabetics due to the discovery of insulin and is one major factor in progression in Canada. Canadian culture has progressed in this time aswell which has shaped our television, movies and songs we have today. The group of seven was created who created many different paintings of Canadian landscape, movies and radio’s begin to get popular in Canada and the government creates CBC which was created to promote Canadian culture. All of this is progression and important to Canada because without all of this, television, movies and the radio would be completely different and would change our culture completely. In conclusion, the 1920’s was a year of progression for a lot of reasons which has shaped the way Canada is today and without any of these things, Canada would be completely

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