The Canadian Women's Movement

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General Info:
- 19th century= Canadian women organizing to change place in society= equality
- The women 's movement = demanded justice. achieved some equality for Canadian women in legal and political ways.
- Canadian woman tried to change society for better
- Fought for their rights
- Previous to WW1: low paying jobs for women
- Ended careers once married
- National council of women formed in 1893. Helped improved public health, immigrants, factory workers
- In 1919 eleven women in Ontario became lawyers
- In 1927 first woman engineer graduated U of T

Voting/ political:
- 1893- national council of women was founded
- By 1900- throughout Canada, municipal voting privileges for propertied woman were general
- 1918- council contributed to …show more content…

She went to practice in the U.S.A as Canada did not accept
- Ontario was the first to allow women, who either owned property or whom were widowed, to vote
- Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, and Emily murphy fought for suffrage in early 1990s
- 1918- Robert Borden, the prime minister of the time, extended suffrage
- 1919- women began to run for parliament
- 1921- Canada’s first woman (Agnes MacPhail) of parliament,
- was the only woman elected in 1921= the first federal election that women had the vote
- She was a tough activist
- founded the Elizabeth Fry Society of Canada= group working for women in the justice …show more content…

- I think that these women who became lawyers and got educations are one of the reasons that, in present day, women across Canada can receive jobs.

- Previously, women were not consideres ‘persons’ under the BNA act in 1928.

- I disagree that a church would be against women becoming enfranchised. Women are just as affected by the law as men, which therefor should allow them to have had franchise

- Agnes MacPhail had a great impact on Candadian politics, proving that women were just as suited for the job as men. Even though she had to encounter sexism, she helped women’s future of today

- The National Council of Women helped changed women’s lives for the better, helping women across Canada gain equality, socially and politically

- When women in Canada were given the right to vote whilst a male family member was at war, I believe this is what had began expanding women’s equality

- I think that all women should have been given the right to vote during the federal election. Since women were fighting for equality, all women should have been treated

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