History Of World War One: The Group That Made Canada Stronger

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World War One was a time in Canadian history where our courage and bravery in the face of danger was proven many times over. However, it was not just our troops who showed bravery and fought to make a change. In fact, the actions of groups and individuals in this time period made Canada stronger. This is due to the Famous Five and their suffrage movement. This is also because of the Group of Seven. Finally, Canada was stronger because of America’s Sweetheart, Mary Pickford. The above groups and individual were able to inspire and make change, which made our country all the stronger. The Famous Five are a group that made Canada stronger. In 1914, Nellie McClung staged a “mock parliament” that turned the tables and asked why men would not be allowed to vote. This made Canada stronger as it made people consider that not allowing women to vote was unfair, making people think of women’s rights in a different light. In 1916, Emily Murphy (a member of the Famous …show more content…

The Group of Seven were seen as very influential, and inspired many artists after their time, such as Jack Bush and Peter Doig. This makes Canada stronger as it shows that our creativity is valued by others, not only in Canada but around the world. During World War One, six of the original members of the Group of Seven were fighting overseas; during their time on the battlefield they painted what they saw. This made Canada stronger as their paintings depicted war in a new light, changing Canadian’s perspectives on war. Finally, the Group of Seven created an art style that was unique to Canadian art. During their careers, the Group of Seven worked to change the style perspective found in Europe, and move to a more expressionist style. This made Canada stronger because it defined us as as having a different style than Europe, making us unique as opposed to artists from other nations. As such, the actions of the Group of Seven made Canada

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