How Has Emily Murphy Adapted To The Status Of Women In Canada?

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Emily Murphy once said, “I believe that never was a country better adapted to produce a great race of women than this Canada of ours, nor a race of women better adapted to make a great country.” Emily Murphy was born March 14, 1868 and died October 27, 1933. She grew up in a prominent legal family, where her uncle was a senator, her brother a lawyer, and her other uncle and brother members of the Supreme Court. Ogle R. Gorwan, Murphy’s maternal grandfather, founded the first Orange Order in Canada. Most likely, she was influenced by her family to pursue a career dealing with politics and law. Murphy became a journalist, writer, magistrate, political and legal reformer, and women suffragist.
In the 1910s and 20s, the world was still dominated by men. Women were still seen as inferior to men. Emily Murphy fought for women’s democratic rights. Murphy has advocated numerous times on behalf of equality for women. …show more content…

The recognition of women as equal to men has helped pave the way for other significant changed in regards to women’s rights. The ability for Canada to have an open-mind and change their conservative ways that men are superior is great for those who feel they are deprived of their rights. The achievement of the Famous Five provided a platform in politics that prevented discrimination of gender and improved the quality of life for all Canadian women to come. This victory symbolized the right of women to participate in all aspects of life, to dream big, and to realize their potential. Thanks to their courage, vision and determination they have changed the course of history for women and made it possible for women to have an active voice in this country. Emily Murphy, as well as the other women in the Famous Five, are role models and have encouraged other women today to work together to help fight for the rights of

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