How Did Emily Murphys Influence Canada

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To begin with, Emily Murphy is the most important woman in Canada as tha action she took to fight for the rights of women positively shaped and influenced Canada to be a superior and improved country given that she was the female magistrate who was part of the persons act and she passed the Dower Act.

First of all, in an era where no such thing could have ever been dreamt of, Emily Murphy battled long to combat the discrimination of women by winning the Person's Case which thus influenced women across the nation to deem themselves valuable and able to influence Canada's prosperity.

Emily Murphy struck waves amongst Canadian women with triumph in regards to the Persons Case.
For instance, according to the Library and Archives of Canada, "Cairine Reay Mackay Wilson had the honour of being appointed Canada's first woman …show more content…

Murphy's significance can be seen as the result of her actions developed Canada into a well respected and enhanced country due to the influence she had on the 1930, Senator
Cairine Wilson, would not have been selected as a Senator, if Emily Murphy did not persevere during the Person's Case.
Due to Emily Murphy and her actions, Cairine Wilson had an massive impact on Canada as she dealt with prominent problems within society.
Cairine Wilson's dealings improved the country and began to solve troubles within the public.
Canada emerged as a country being known as just and fair since Cairine Wilson petitioned the problems she thought were outstanding.
All of Cairine Wilson's work could not have been possible if Emily Murphy did not take that first stand to sway her to do the spectacular things she did for Canada.
Overall, Canada benefited immensely because Emily fought for what she thought was right, contributing to the fact that she is the most important woman in

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