Lester B. Pearson's Impact On Canada

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Today, Canada is seen as a multicultural and peaceful nation that has evolved over the course of history. This great nation would never have been possible without the impact that former Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson left on this country. His achievements and insights profoundly affected and shaped Canada’s nation. First, peacekeeping is an important part of Canada’s heritage and a reflection of its fundamental beliefs that Pearson implemented after dealing with world changing situations and winning a Nobel Prize. Also, his contributions as a liberal leader as well as the flaws and controversy with Diefenbaker did in fact define this country. Lastly, Pearson created the Canadian identity by unveiling the new flag, bringing equality with …show more content…

To start with, Pearson is undoubtedly a symbol of Canadian excellence, seeing as his efforts and impact were exceptional. At that time, the world was undergoing war, crisis and prejudice so it is impressive that Pearson was “one of the 20th century’s most untiring and effective workers in the cause of world peace.” (Baldwin 39). This impressiveness may also be due to the similar traits Pearson holds to Mackenzie King whom is a previous great leader. Though, Pearson had his tragic flaws such as ________ _________, which did lead to his resignation from office and defeat by Diefenbaker. Pearson was “a wonderful compromiser …he could bring together opposites” (Baldwin 31) which is what connects him and other great leaders together in leaving a great influence on their country. Then, there is the controversy between Diefenbaker and Pearson, which caused many doubts in Canadians towards Pearson’s choices/judgment. However, in the midst of those doubts Pearson managed to prove that he was the ideal leader for Canada by _____ ________________________________. In all, throughout Pearson’s political life despite the flaws and controversy, he indeed established unity in Canada by the skills he provided through the leadership we pay tribute to

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