Essay On Canadian Identity

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Canadian individual identity is questioned often because it is so diverse and means something different to each person in Canada. Although there is not a set identity there are many values and beliefs that are owned by all Canadians. To find out what Canadians identity is, one has to take into account what has affected it. The United States is the biggest influence on Canadian identity. The U.S. culture is very similar to Canadians as we are exposed to it all the time in media sources. The events in American history have also affected Canada from a political perspective, which lead to the Democracy that is present today. Another way the U.S. has affected Canada is from a military perspective because Americans are quick to jump to war and Canada has had to help control them which lead to them being peacekeepers. The United States helped mold the Canadian identity by being both a threat and support to the nation; this will continue into the 21st century but Canada will keep it’s unique identity.
A country 's culture can be seen as interchangeable with identity; in Canada there is evidence of American culture everywhere. Canada can be seen as a civic nation because Canadians come from many different backgrounds but choose to live together under similar political beliefs and values.This has allowed Canadian culture to be very diverse. In spite of this diverseness majority of the culture comes from the U.S. Most movies, T.V. shows, magazines, and radio content was made in the

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