My Canada Anita Louise Badami Analysis

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Those who don’t live or have ever been may think that Canada is a country that is not diverse maybe even monocultural, that Canada is flat full of only farmland and rural towns, that we live lives fueled by hockey and that is all that Canada is. In reality every Canadian knows it is much more it is diverse, scenic and urban. In the essay “My Canada” by Anita Rau Badami she said this about Canada “the country had been doing a slow dance for me over the nine years that I had lived here, showing me tantalizing little bits of itself every now and then.” The quote by Badami says that Canada has little charms spread throughout the country, such as the vastness and natural beauty of Lake Louise and all National Parks. Festivals in Edmonton which displays Canadian culture and a variety of other cultures from around the earth. The peacefulness of the prairies, to the …show more content…

Canada has a little piece of almost every culture in the world, shown through the large amount of people moving to Canada from every continent in the world. The multitude of cultures is displayed through the plethora of festivals held throughout the country every year, such as the Folk Fest, Edmonton Food Festival, Heritage Festival and the International Film Festival, all bringing in various cultures and traditions from around the world. Canada has all of these festivals due to the large amount of immigration that was even shown in Anita Rau Badami’s essay my Canada, when she and her husband had moved from India to Vancouver. Canada is one if not the most desirable countries to immigrate to, not only for the living conditions but because of the ability to keep your culture and not have to assimilate to a “Canadian” culture. Thanks to immigration Canada has become a great model country to look at for cultural diversity and cultural acceptance that any country can look at and try to model in their own

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