Argumentative Essay: Canada's National Identity

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The world’s second biggest country has received a similar second ranking in terms of being ranked the greatest country in the world. The country, of course, is Canada. Canada, for a long time, has been considered one of the best countries in the world to live in as it welcomes immigrants, has a rich diverse culture for every nationality, free medical expenses, and of course , the Niagara Falls. A quote from an article from the Toronto Star said, “….. [Canada] draws some of its national identity from its expansive wilderness, has pronounced a long list of accomplished writers and artists, and is a high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living.” Canada also showed the world that they were serious in their attempts to rescue refugees fleeing …show more content…

Everyone is treated equally under the law despite their gender, race, beliefs, traditions, etc. Anyone is allowed to maintain their own ethnic beliefs and still be able to freely participate in Canadian events and traditions with no restrictions. The country has established rights for everyone guaranteeing them freedom of speech, equality, and more. According to the National Post, “…Twitter was alive with self-congratulation this week, with news that Canada had been ranked the second-best place in the world to live.” Because of this, Canada is the epitome for other countries as it shows how people of diverse racial backgrounds can work and live together under the law in peace.
Canada is a strong country backed up by even stronger people. The fact that it surpassed the U.S.A, which was considered the 4th best country to live in, shows how much potential this country has with its extraordinary health care services and its fundamental freedoms. It also shows how Canada puts its citizens first above everything else and realizes that it is not perfect, and thus strives to improve its nature, relationships, and lifestyles with

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