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Canada 's role in the world has been a strong one. They have helped and saved many people independently and with the help of other country 's and alliances. Some of these roles were very beneficial to our future. Some of the major roles were with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, United Nations and North American Air Defense Agreement. These roles have created a more open country. Even though this country has had many different roles, this country has seen a fair share of conflicts. Some of these struggles ended positive and others not so much. Canada had been involved in many conflicts, as well as an observer, and it still had an effect on our future. Some conflicts Canada was not even included in, but they wanted to create better…show more content…
The Canadian citizens opinion was divided. The Suez Canal in Egypt, which links the Mediterranean and Red Seas, provided the shortest sea route from Europe to the Indian Ocean. The Suez Canal was built in the late 1800 's. By 1956 Egypt 's Government had taken over it, which had made the state of Israel nervous. Egypt had threatened to forbid ships to and from Israel, this is what had caused the crisis. The Soviet Union had offered Egypt missiles and financial aid. Canadians thought that it would be best to support Britain. The United States and The Liberal Prime Minister refused to support. Lester Pearson would go to The United Nations to solve the issues and he introduced The Emergency Force. The United Nations would finally agree and Impalement a Canadian General in charge of the Emergency…show more content…
Through the many roles Canada has been included of, they have had their fair shared of nuclear weapons, on Canadian soil and off. The Cuban Missile Crisis caused some issues about Canada 's defense policy and what their point was on the nuclear weapons issue. After the Avro Arrow was thrown out they agreed to accept United States Bomarc Missiles, which could carry nuclear weapons. By the time that they had been built Canada had changed their minds. Even though Canada 's decision was divided. Canadian citizens, The Conservative Party and Lester Pearson were against it and the defense minister was for the argument. It was election time in 1963, The Liberals proposed that Canadian forces except nuclear weapons at certain circumstances. The Conservatives along with the Prime Minister Diefenbaker proposed that Canada is independent and can decide by itself on the weapons issue. Many people were for The Liberals because they were afraid of the other options. The Liberals won and formed a minority

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