Canadian Peacekeeping

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The United Nations is an international organization that promotes cooperation between countries and the world. Canada’s involvement in the United Nations has little to no effect because the United Nations has no power. Canada’s impact on the United Nations was insignificant due to corruption, problems in finance, and peacekeeping missions. Canada should not be involved with the United Nations and therefore should leave the organization. The United Nations is corrupt and due to this Canada does little or has no chance to contribute to the organization. The United Nations is a global organization that was created to prevent future wars, however, due to the peacekeeping missions, it has made it worse. Canada joining peacekeeping missions means …show more content…

Their involvement in peacekeeping is very little. Canada was involved in a peacekeeping mission in Cyprus due to a civil war between the Greek and Turkish people and left the mission when it was unresolved. “Canadian troops were a part of this mission and remained in Cyprus for 30 years, up until 1993 when Canadian peacekeepers finally departed, leaving the conflict unresolved” (Fiorino). They questioned the effectiveness of the mission that they just left, since it is expensive supporting Canadian troops and the unchanging result after the 30 years of peacekeeping. Canadian troops were forced to withdraw from the Six-Day War by Egypt’s President Gamal Abd al-Nasser since he ordered the United Nations Emergency Force out of Egypt. This situation was another failed peacekeeping as it contributed to the 1967 War. By removing the Canadian troops from the Six-Day War, many problems rose “such as communications, vehicle repair, supply distribution, and ground transportation, not to mention the airlifting of supplies and personnel out of the Middle East, hitherto provided by the Canadians, all had to suddenly be reorganized” (Carroll). It contributed to the decline of Canada’s peacekeeping and economy. Canadian troops began to think that peacekeeping became better due to the change in government. During the peacekeeping mission to Rwanda, it was a genocide failure since Canadian peacekeepers were withdrawn by the United Nations after deaths of the other soldiers. “Most of the 2,500 UN peacekeepers in Rwanda at the time were withdrawn after the deaths of 10 Belgian soldiers” (BBC News). The United Nations are challenged to prevent genocides and wars; they withdraw their soldiers because they cannot due anything else. The United Nations lack of power results in Canada being less involved in missions

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