Rights Of Canadian Immigrants Essay

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The improvement of the rights of the Canadian Immigrants Canada, as one of the biggest immigration countries, welcomes people from all over the the world and forms a representative multicultural atmosphere in today’s society. Over these few decays, the country has always been consummating the laws to provide immigrants equal rights and freedoms, and better treatments they could receive. However, Canadian immigration laws were not unprejudiced and it eventually caused a “legal discrimination” before 1976. The legal rights of the immigrant groups have improved significantly because of the demands of developing the country, the influences of the wars, and the globalization of the world. Since 1880s, more immigrants and foreigners came to Canada because of the railway construction project. The Asian groups, mainly Chinese, were treated unequally with fewer salaries, restrictions on voting rights and the head tax of immigration which was announced on the Chinese Exclusion Act(1923) in order to prevent them from coming. Furthermore, The Immigrant Action(1910) even …show more content…

The Charter further ensures a democratic society as it guarantees the fundamental rights such as voting rights, mobility rights and equality rights, which contain the protection against discrimination (Margaret, web). The laws successfully develop to balance the rights of the new immigrants and the interests of the Canadian society. On 2001, November 1st, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act was announced as a symbol of forming the Canadian multicultural society. It mainly improved the laws towards refugee determination, family reunification and gained the control over the country borders(Dwight L. Gibson eta·85). As the globalization has become the main stream of the world, Canada has advantages to move towards this goal as an immigration

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