Chinese Immigration Act Essay

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“The obstacles of the past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.”-Ralph Bloom. Many chinese immigrants fought for their future,lives,and rights.Chinese immigrants were misunderstood because of their culture,looks,clothing styles,etc. They were punished and treated wrong for things that they didn 't know was wrong.What would you do if you were a chinese immigrant, and you were being treated unfairly and bad? The Chinese immigration Act, now known as the Chinese exclusion act. This was mostly being taken place in California and states of the west of the Rocky Mountains. Chinese immigrants came to the U.S for the california gold rush, this event provided many jobs, hope for a good future, and hope to give a good life to their families.Nativists …show more content…

There are so many other reasons and because of this conflict, but one that was sad for children caused much hurt in their little hearts. Many Chinese immigrants were children and when they first came to America they felt alone and scared, they left their only home they ever knew behind them for a better life for their family.Many Chinese family moved into neighborhoods where mostly white people lived, many didn 't know what to think of the chinese at first. But soon many chinese children went and tried new things, many soon started to befriend american children. Both kinds of children had no clue that it wasn 't right to be friends with the other but they soon both payed a heavy price. If the american child 's parents found out that they were hanging out with a chinese child then they would be forbidden to ever see them again, some never had a chance to say goodbye to the other child.As each bad rumor came out about the chinese,more american parents became more protective of their children. The chinese did so much for not only their people but for other immigrants to, they fought for their rights and future even if it meant dying for the others who were having miserable lives.The immigrants from the past helped people today by opening people 's eyes to show them that everyone is the same, we all bleed,get sick,make mistakes,and show emotions.Furthermore if the chinese immigrants did not fight for their future back then they wouldn 't have made lives better today, where everyone gets along and treats each other the same.Then again it wasn 't just the immigrants that helped

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