Immigrants On The Oregon Trail

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The Oregon Trail is “this nation’s longest graveyard” (National Park Service).
The emigrants on the trail looked for a new life in America. Some emigrants went looking for religious freedom, others went for land and power. They were not prepared for the dangers and difficulties that the trail presented. The emigrants on the oregon trail faced the most difficulty trying to survive and thrive in the west because of disease, accidents, and weather.
Due to disease and illness, emigrants on the Oregon trail had a hard time trying to thrive and survive in the west. Disease was everywhere and people couldn’t avoid it. The National Park Service’s (NPS) article on the Oregon Trail states that “Cholera results from a waterborne bacteria that thrives …show more content…

Some terrains and environments made the journey hard and possibly deadly.The National Oregon/California Trail Center says that “Crossing rivers were probably the most dangerous thing pioneers did. Swollen rivers could tip over and drown both people and oxen.”There were many rivers to cross during the long ride, and crossing them was the only way to get around the rivers. These accidents were almost unavoidable. Dry weather made the goings tough and not pleasant. “The intense heat of the prairie caused wood to shrink, and wagon wheels had to be soaked in rivers at night to keep their iron rims from rolling off during the day...Emigrant’s lips blistered and split in the dry air, and their only remedy was to rub axle grease on them.” The dry and hot air had the time to go west even greater than it should had because of little annoyances.
The emigrants on the Oregon trail faced the most hassle trying to survive and endure in the west because of pestilence, misfortune, and climate. The Chinese emigrant working on the transcontinental railroad had a hard time as well on the trail. They faced bad pay, racism, and hard work. However, the emigrants on the trail went into the unknown. They had no idea what lay ahead for them and spent most to all their money to participate. The longest graveyard in America may have been difficult and hard, but it help shape this nation into what it is

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