Oregon Trail Essays

  • Immigrants On The Oregon Trail

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    The Oregon Trail is “this nation’s longest graveyard” (National Park Service). The emigrants on the trail looked for a new life in America. Some emigrants went looking for religious freedom, others went for land and power. They were not prepared for the dangers and difficulties that the trail presented. The emigrants on the oregon trail faced the most difficulty trying to survive and thrive in the west because of disease, accidents, and weather. Due to disease and illness, emigrants on the Oregon

  • Oregon Trail Research Paper

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    From Misfortune to Oregon From around 1811 to 1840, a 2,200-mile trail was made, going from Missouri to Oregon. This trail was made by fur trappers and traders, and would soon be called The Oregon Trail. In 1846, thousands of men, women, and children began traveling to Oregon along this road. They had high hopes of finding fertile land, where they could set up large farms. They walked, rode, and pushed and pulled wagons filled with their belongings. People of all heritages, religions, and cultures

  • Summary Of The Oregon Trail By Francis Parkman

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    “The Oregon Trail” is a novel that was published in 1849. In this novel, it describes the journey that the author (Francis Parkman) took across The Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail is a route to the Northwest that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon. It crossed through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. There was originally a lot more to this book, but the author had to take some of the information out because it was too rough for the public to read

  • Manifest Destiny On The Oregon Trail

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    The Oregon Trail was a huge historic movement in the mid-1800s which stretched over 2000 miles across the American Midwest. In present-day America, the Oregon Trail would go across the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and finally end in Oregon. The trail was constantly showing the American pioneer's problems because of how hard it was to cross and with hundreds of thousands of them trying to get to their destination there were plenty of casualties and hardships. Determined to spread

  • How Did The Oregon Trail Impact America

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    about 1811-1840 the Oregon Trail was laid down by both traders and fur trappers. It could only be gone through either walking on foot or taking a horse along with you.By the year 1836, the first of the migrant train of wagons was put together. It started in Independence, Missouri and traveled a cleared trail that reached to Fort Hall, Idaho.The Oregon Trail went through Missouri and what is known today Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and lastly to Oregon. The Oregon Trail impacted America by

  • Myths And Facts Surrounding The Oregon Trail

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    group of permanent American settlers left for Oregon in 1841 from the town of Independence, Missouri. This group of about 70 people followed the rivers and trails that had been used by fur traders and missionaries for many years. This route later became known as the Oregon Trail to the pioneers heading to Oregon. The trail didn’t become really popular until 1843 when nearly 1,000 immigrants left their homes to create a new life for themselves in Oregon. This was largely due to the fact that pioneers

  • Summary Of The Oregon Trail By Francis Parkman

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    Francis Parkman wrote an important document about The Oregon Trail. Francis was born in Massachusetts,Boston but then sent off to his grandfather because he was a poor health child. He was born on september 16, 1823. At age 16 Parkman enrolled in Harvard and was accepted. Francis’s father wanted him to be a lawyer instead of Francis’s desire, journalism. After law school Parkman proceeded of what he desired. He learned how to sleep and hunt, and could survive alone by himself. Parkman has accomplished

  • Essay On Oregon Trail

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    The Oregon Trail was a very important aspect in the History of our country’s development. The trail was the only way to pass through the Rockies. Interestingly, many Americans saw a window of opportunity and Pioneers crammed themselves into a small wagons and traveled through the Rockies 10% of the pioneers died due to the accidents and diseases. Even though the journey was going to be tough and strenuous they seduced the opportunity they were given. The long travel along the Oregon Trail was a

  • Essay On The Oregon Trail

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    The Oregon Trail: Some reasons why the Pioneers decided to go along the Oregon trail and head west were to find opportunity, have free land, good farmland, large forests, free of diseases, and to find jobs. What was the Oregon trail like? - Many diseases like typhoid fever, Cholera, dysentery, Diphtheria, and measles. - They traveled 15 miles on a average day and 18-20 on a good day. - Many pioneers walked the entire 2,170 mile trail on foot while others used wagons. - Some of the weather

  • Oregon Trail Essay

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    The Oregon Trail In 1843, The Great Migration was transformed into the largest migration event in history when citizens across the south were able to travel west and overcome the physical frontiers discovering the fresh land filled with gold in other necessary resources in the west. ’The Oregon Trail is one of the most iconic pieces of American history and part of the larger history of Oregon. The trail was first written about in 1849 by a historian while in use by migrants and American settlers

  • Oregon Trail Essay

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    The Oregon Trail didn’t follow a single set path. While most Oregon bound emigrants traveled a route that passed by landmarks in Missouri Kansas Wyoming and Oregon there was never just one set of wagon ruts leading west.Frontier explorers and fur trappers blazed the rough outlines of the Oregon Trail in the early 19th century, but the route was initia considered too demanding for women, children or covered wagon to navigate.That year Marcus helped lead the first major wagon train of around one Thousand

  • Oregon Trail History

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    This book is a wonderful that relates the history of the Oregon Trail. Coupled with that history is the experience and personal history of the Rinker Buck who decide to traverse the entire trail in a covered wagon with his brother, Nick. Rinker Buck brings an historical bend to the trail portion. Not only does he give it is history, but Rinker Buck often puts the trail in its unique perspective as a molder of USA and reflection of much of our psyche. Spreading west and expanding ? Of course. Conestogas

  • Oregon Trail Facts

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    Basic facts about the Oregon Trail. (n.d.) BLM: U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management. Retrieved from: http://www.blm.gov/or/oregontrail/history-basics.php This is a page that has a lot of facts and information about the Oregon Trail. It would need to be broken down into manageable parts, because there is a lot of information on the one page. It would be used as a resource to learn more about the Oregon Trail and used during the final project time for students. It can be accessed

  • Narrative Essay: The Oregon Trail

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    To the West!? The Oregon Trail!? It is not going on a nice vacation. Yet Mum and Pop said “the Oregon Trail would be the most brilliant decision for our family.” There goes my nearly good life. Wait a moment, let me back the story up a little ways. It was Tuesday the tenth of March, and I was in my tiny bedroom with my eldest brother Clarence, my smallest brother Henry, my eldest, and only sister Ella Mary, and lastly me, Mabel. My throat was irritating me, and had I been sick this day. My siblings

  • The Pioneer's Journey In The Oregon Trail

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    of deaths along the Oregon Trail was drastic, and it is estimated that five percent of migrants died on the journey, about 15,000 deaths in total” (Alchin). Pioneers suffered from many issues while on their journey. Due to the many obstacles they would have to overcome. The pioneers traveling on the trails faced the most difficulty trying to survive and thrive in the West due to resources, weather, and disease. One reason that the pioneers encountered difficulties on the trails, was due to their limited

  • The Oregon Trail Short Story

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    To the West!? The Oregon Trail!? It is not going on a nice vacation. Yet Mum and Pop said ”the Oregon Trail would be the most brilliant decision for our family.” There goes my nearly good life. Wait a moment, let me back the story up a little ways. It was Tuesday the tenth of March and I was in my tiny bedroom with my eldest brother Clarence, my smallest brother Henry, and my eldest and only sister Ella Mary. My throat was irritating me, and had I been sick this day. My siblings did not want

  • Oregon Trail Research Paper Outline

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    The Oregon Trail Nebraska was the first state to join the Union after the Civil War. This state is mostly known for its cattle, corn, and unicameral legislature. However, Nebraska is also known for its historic trails, which in the early years were carved out by pioneers, explorers and gold seekers into the western frontier. The history of Nebraska during the 1800s is unique because of the Oregon Trail; Nebraska played an important role in the Oregon Trail. Some people thought it was preposterous

  • Why Did The Oregon Trail Heals

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    Did you know the wheel ruts from the Oregon Trail wagons are still visible today? Many look at that fact and think,”Why should I care?”. That is understandable, but after this essay, everyone will have a deeper understanding of the sufferings of those on the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail was the main path of travel during the Westward Expansion. Around five hundred thousand people went on it, and their calamities still be sensed. The people on the Oregon Trail faced the most hardships due to the

  • Creative Writing: The Platte River

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    awhile since I’ve been able to write. I wasn’t sure I would ever be to write again after our big river cross a few weeks back. You see, not too long after our little indian sighting, we reached California crossing. We all knew that we were going to Oregon, so there wasn’t much arguing there. So we kept going along, following the Platte River, until it came time to cross over. Before we even got to close, I could tell crossing would not be easy. The water of the Platte is dirty, and the river seemed

  • Westward Trail Case Study

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    1.What challenges did early settlers on the westward trails face? Settlers on the westward trail faces many hardships. They spanned over half the continent for a five to eight month journey which was 2,000 miles long going west. They all took wagons on many Oregon trails with very little rest stops. They left their jobs to venture off to a new life and in some cases, even their families. They were starved, dehydrated, exhausted, and died because of this. Some were even killed! One out of every ten