Oregon Trail History

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This book is a wonderful that relates the history of the Oregon Trail. Coupled with that history is the experience and personal history of the Rinker Buck who decide to traverse the entire trail in a covered wagon with his brother, Nick. Rinker Buck brings an historical bend to the trail portion. Not only does he give it is history, but Rinker Buck often puts the trail in its unique perspective as a molder of USA and reflection of much of our psyche. Spreading west and expanding ? Of course. Conestogas never used ? Interesting. But the cradle of mass production ? Not so common a thoughts about the trail. There were more captivating insights such as that that make this more than a dry journey across the USA Desert. This is a fun book. The…show more content…
Did not care for the foul language though and thought the story would not have been hurt by taking it down a notch. This was an entertaining way to learn of the history of the large America migration west on the Oregon Trail during the 1800’s, including, the cause of the drive to move west, the hazardous life on the trail, the reliance on friends and relatives, the outfitting of the wagon and selection of a good team of mules. After each mini adventure, it seemed like there couldn 't be another one and yet the author made this true story a real page turner, adventure following adventure mixed with human interest stories. This wagon ride across the western America is reminiscent of the book by John Beam, Walk Across America. Very interesting read even if you believe you know something about the Oregon Trail. Buck 's descriptions of both his trip and the events during the Great Migration really bring crossing the trail to life. After finishing the book, you seriously feel like spending a few days with Buck and his brother traveling along in a covered wagon. I would have liked a few more maps to help indicate where they were during some of the scarier moments of the
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