Buck's Change In The Call Of The Wild

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In the novel of the Call of the Wild, Buck tried to adapt to his new and difficult life. He was forced to help the men find gold; he experienced a big transformation in him. At the end, he transformed into a new and different dog. Buck went through physical, mental and environmental changes. In my essay, I talked about how Buck was like at the beginning, what he changed into, and how he was forced to adapt his new environment, and underwent these changes. The beginning of the novel shows us that Buck is a pampered dog who had lived in the Santa Clara Valley under the property of judge miller and was the ruler of the house. He was feared, and respected by the other dogs. He has everything he wanted and will soon have it taken away from him. Manuel, the gardener, will abduct Buck in his house and that will be the beginning of a cruel life for him. That was the moment, Buck undergoes physical changes. When they bought him in Seattle, Buck was thrown into a pen by a man with a club in his hand. …show more content…

Buck is a dog from Santa Clara Valley, a dog who lived in a huge house. He was the king of the property and was petted, fed well and treated like a loved and cherished dog. Buck was living a pampered life, where he had everything he want until the day where he was stolen, sold, and brought to an unknown environment. Buck has went through a change where he had to adapt quickly for survival. A place where he had to steal to eat, defend himself in order to survive. He encountered many confrontations and adventures in the wild, but Buck still remains the leader due to his strength. He has gone through many situations, lost his team, and his recent master. This is where he will meet Thornton and bond together. He will adapt to a new lifestyle as this quote emphasizes “Dog and man watched it crawling over the ice. Suddenly, they saw its back end drop down, ‘you poor devil’, said John Thornton and Buck licked his

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