The Wild Mastery Quotes

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Have you ever heard the calls? Buck sure has.In the novel The Call of The Wild by Jack London, Buck is a large st. Bernard that lives in the beautiful Santa Clara Valley with Judge Miller. As the story goes on Buck gets dognapped and sent to the man in the red sweater. The man in the red sweater is also known as the crack dog doctor.Then Buck gets sold to Perrault and Francois, who work for the Canadian government. Then Buck spends a short time with a scotch half breed. Buck then gets sold to the worst owners he will ever have. Their names are Hal, Charles and Mercedes, they are city slickers. Down right horrible masters. They lead Buck to the master of his dreams, John Thornton. John is everything Buck wants, he is loving and cares for Buck. …show more content…

At this point Buck had gained the attention of humans too. Everybody in the Eldorado Saloon wanted him.After Buck earned John 1,600 dollars by pulling a 1,000 pound sled a man made a bunch of offers to John for him, John rejected them all and said Buck was not for sale.“I’ll give you a thousand for him, sir, a thousand, sir, twelve hundred, sir” (London 88).In this quote Buck wasn’t struggling for mastery, but the man in the saloon were struggling to be the master of Buck. In conclusion Buck has always struggled for mastery no matter where he went. Needless to say Buck learned the ways of the Northland very fast. Throughout the story Buck had multiple masters, so when he found John Thornton he was scared that the was going to be transient just like his other

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