The Theme Of Survival In The Call Of The Wild

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A major theme in Jack London’s book The Call of The Wild is that Adaptability is essential for survival, which is what Buck does throughout the book. At the beginning, Buck has to adapt to the law of the club. First, for example, if he does not adapt to the law the man in the red sweater or he will beat him to death. Since, this is a life time lesson and adapted to the man in the red sweater he is able to survive. Second, he has to obey his sled owner and do what he tells him to do or he will be beat. For example, if he does not go when he says “mush” or stop when he says “ho” he will be beat with the club. Since, he has adapted to this he can achieve survival. Last, he has to adapt and obey to his new sled owner. For example, if he

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