How Did Buck Change In The Call Of The Wild

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“Personal experience is the basis of all real literature” (George Henry Lewes). Many authors use similar writing topics like how Jack london made buck change and adapt for survival. In the story “Born Worker” by Gary Soto and in the fictional novel “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London, both main characters change throughout the stories. Even though the main characters have different backgrounds, both Back and Jose have the same hardships which are crucial to their future.
In the novel “The Call of the Wild”, Buck changes throughout the novel in many ways for survival. One way buck changed for survival was when he learned “A man with a club was a law giver, a master to be obeyed, though not necessarily conciliated” (London 10). This first quote shows how Buck changed and adapted because if he never learned that lesson then he would have had not survived throughout the story. Also If he never learned this lesson then Back would have been dead because then the man would beat him to death. Another quote that shows how Buck learns and adapts to survive is “but buck was too clever ever …show more content…

José realizes he can be more than just a worker when the old man fell into the pool “‘No, sir,’ José said as he jumped into the pool, his own knees almost buckling. ‘Please, sit down’”(Soto 5). That quote shows that Jose can be more than just a worker he saved someone's life. The quote also shows how José jumped into the pool for a man he didn't even know and José saved his life. Another quote that shows he has changed throughout the story is “He would have seen a good man” (Soto 6). That quote shows how José isn't just a born worker he's also a good man. It also shows that his dad was very proud of him because José saved a man's life. In conclusion, the main character José changes throughout the story and realizes that he is a good person and not only a good

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