Quotes From The Adventures Of Buck Farah And Piper

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The Adventures of Buck, Farah, and Piper
Farah Ahmedi walked several miles through desert mountains to escape to Pakistan. Piper McCloud used teamwork, determination, and imagination to escape I.N.S.A.N.E and keep her ability to fly. Buck undertook the mission of adapting to the wild, so he would be able to survive. However, all three were patient, determined, and used the help of others in order to achieve their goals.
Without the help of Ghulam Ali and a positive mind, Farah Ahmedi wouldn’t have been able to escape Pakistan. For example as Ahmedi was being shoved farther from the border of Pakistan, “The Afghans were yelling something, and the Pakistanis were yelling back” (Ahmedi par. 1). Additionally, “The guards had clubs, and they had …show more content…

As the text states, “I think Piper’s right. I say we escape” (Forester 209). Additionally, “The escape was far from easy” (Forester 210). Together, Piper and Conrad came up with a near-impossible escape plan that would hopefully turn out successful. As the text states, “You see, they employ a two-pronged approach. Breaking a subject down mentally is half the battle; the other half requires drugs” (Forester 185). Additionally, “They know that if the specimen does not use its ability for a certain period of time, the ability will be lost forever” (Forester 182). This shows that Piper’s goal was worthy and necessary because if she hadn’t escaped, she would’ve been completely damaged physically and mentally, she would’ve lost her flying ability, and she wouldn’t have returned to her family. According to Forester, “I’m home, Piper spoke finally, kicking her toe into the dirt” (Forester 308). Additionally, “Ever since Daisy and Myrtle had taken over the institute, things had changed drastically. It was decided that the institute would no longer imprison any life-form, but instead provide a safe haven” (Forester 318). Piper as well as the other members on Level 13 were successful in escaping, and ended up taking over the institute while they were at …show more content…

According to the text, “In mid air, just as his jaws were about to close on the man, he received a shock that checked his body and brought his teeth together with an agonizing clip” (London 8). Buck was beat and traded constantly for no reason, and even though it was very difficult, he fought back to survive. As the text states, “Buck had sprung in on the instant; and at the end of the three hundred yards, amid a mad swirl of water, he overhauled Thornton” (London 77). This proves that Buck had so much confidence and determination that he didn’t even hesitate to jump into a roaring lake and risk his life to save his owner, John Thornton. As London states, “Buck stood and looked on, the successful champion, the dominant primordial beast who had made his kill and found it good” (40). Buck was very successful, and became the leader of the wolf pack and a great example of a wolf adapted to the

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