Into The Wild: Dave Buck's Into The Wild

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Dave was horribly sick. He refused to eat his meal, which made him weaker. Scotch half-breed, the owner, can’t find the reason why he was sick, but he tried hard to give him some pills which can improve his health. Scotch half-breed made Dave eat his soup to make him feel better. Dave, barking hard as possible to keep others from his place in the trace, was recovering as fast as he can. Buck also helped his owner by protecting Dave from others who were willing to steal his food. After few days of heavy snow and freezing weather, Dave recovered half of his health. Scotch half-breed broke the sled and made Dave run behind the sled, or sometimes let him in the sled. Dave, who was eager to get his position discovered brand-new enjoyment of living without work. During their trip, Dave felt like he was the superior and the ruler of the pack. As they almost reached their …show more content…

Buck and other dogs just wanted their rest although getting some rest was unwonted in the Yukon since their trip. After supper, dogs and their owner became full for once since their journey. Scotch half-breed gently tapped and scratch Dave’s back in front of the firewood and left to buy some supplies for the next journey. Buck, who was full with food, lost his appetite after seeing Dave flirting with his owner. Buck dug a hole and laid his tired body inside the cozy place. Buck was thinking about Dave for quite a long time. However, his negative thinking about the unfairness of Scotch half-breed was lingering. As the time passed by, he fell asleep without noticing. Sun arose high enough for Scotch half-breed to move to the next destination, Buck and other dogs woke up except for Dave. Knowing that Dave was terribly sick, Buck gently tapped and woke him up. However, Dave was angry at Buck by waking him up while he was in a nice

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