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Basic facts about the Oregon Trail. (n.d.) BLM: U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management. Retrieved from: http://www.blm.gov/or/oregontrail/history-basics.php This is a page that has a lot of facts and information about the Oregon Trail. It would need to be broken down into manageable parts, because there is a lot of information on the one page. It would be used as a resource to learn more about the Oregon Trail and used during the final project time for students. It can be accessed here: http://www.blm.gov/or/oregontrail/history-basics.php. Cube. (2014). Google maps. Retrieved from: http://www.playmapscube.com/ This is an activity about the features of google maps. It could be used as an extension or as an example of the…show more content…
(2013). The Oregon Trail. Retrieved from: http://www.historyglobe.com/ot/otmap1.htm This is an interactive website used to explore the Oregon Trail. Students open the page to a map of the U.S. in 1843. Students can click on any landmark to learn more about the landmark and see photographs of each place. I would use this as an interactive extension, as well as a computer lab activity for a day. Students would take notes over the landmarks they saw and learned about and refer back to their notes when they create their final unit project. It can be accessed here:…show more content…
(2015). Westward Expansion webquest. Retrieved from: https://sites.google.com/site/mrhookeswebsite/westward-expansion This webquest ties closely with the other webquest in this list of resources. It provides a walkthrough of vocabulary, however the students would not do the vocabulary handout provided on the website and instead make their own table of definitions of vocabulary to refer back to later. It has questions for each topic: Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion, as well as a short video. It can be accessed through the webquest search engine or through the link directly. Rawitsch, D. (1990). The Oregon Trail. MECC: Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium. [Software]. Available from https://archive.org/details/msdos_Oregon_Trail_The_1990 This is a classic educational simulation game from MECC. It requires choices that real life travelers faced on the Oregon Trail. It would be used as a whole class activity at one point in the computer lab, and could be used later as an extension. I would also need to acquire permission for use in the classroom. It is available online for free through the Internet Archive, a non-profit collection of free books, movies, and

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