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  • Vocabulary Lesson Plan Outline

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    Lesson Plan Evaluation The lesson plan that was reviewed is called “Vocabulary / Context Clue” by Sarah M. Davis. This lesson plan uses Tier 2 words aimed at students that are in third grade. This lesson plan could connect with most lessons in any course third grade or up. The lesson contains several short lessons that introduce the Tier 2 words and instruct on how to fill these words out correctly within a word map. The teacher with the students review all four Tier 2 words. The class reviewed

  • Native American Planning And Lesson Plans

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    and Lesson Plans This document is a Unit Plan for Native American. This unit  follows the VDOE Standard of learning for 2nd  grade. This unit Plan also shows how I use informal and formal assessment to assess students learning. This lesson plan is a lesson from the above unit plan. This lesson plan shows I choose to use informal assessment and activator to grab student attention and activate their prior knowledge before the lesson. This unit plan shows

  • Ap English Language Lesson Plan Essay

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    This lesson will be taught in a Pre-K ESE classroom with 19 students. They are between the ages of three to five years old. Nine of the children are developmentally delayed (with speech delays, ADHD, and/or Autistic tendencies). Two students are English language learners. 17 students are dual language learners. Physical Science Physical Development D. Fine Motor Development 1. Demonstrates increasing control of small muscles Social and Emotional Development A. Pro-social Behaviors 3. Joins in group

  • Qualitative And Quantitative Observation Essay

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    Gain attention Addressed in the lesson: Item 1 Focus and Motivate: Demonstration Students make qualitative and quantitative observations of a candle as it burns. Effective: Stimulus that would gain the students attention and ensure the learners are thinking about the subject to be presented. Pose thought-provoking questions to the students. Have students pose questions to be answered by other students Inform learners of objectives Addressed in the lesson: Item 2 Objectives: 1. Describe the purpose

  • Reflection Edd/4500 Class

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    I picked a lesson that I created in my ED 3710/4500 class. This lesson plan was in my pre-internship in a 4th grade classroom. This lesson plan was about literacy visualization that utilized technology. I was able to create a lesson plan that used technology appropriately to enhance instruction. This lesson was about visualization, so I used a video within my lesson. I used the projector and computer to play a video for the students. At first they only heard the sound of the video, so that they

  • Nico Student's Instrument: Clarinet

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    Student Teaching – LESSON REFLECTION Teacher’s Name: Jamie Kelly Date of Lesson: 10/22/15 Student’s Name: Nico Student’s Instrument: Clarinet Instructions: After teaching this lesson, reflect on your teaching and the student’s learning. Use the following questions to help guide your thinking – Address those you feel were most applicable for this specific lesson. 1. What one or two words best describe your teaching experience during this lesson? I had a great time teaching this lesson this week. I

  • FOSS Curriculum Balance Lesson Report

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    This lesson is a balance lesson adapted from the FOSS Curriculum's Balance and Motion Unit. This lesson was created for a second grade classroom. The instructor teaches this lesson to her group of second grade children. However, the science standard taught during this lesson is actually a third grade standard. Therefore, this lesson could be taught to a third grade classroom as well as a second grade classroom. This standard is a third grade physical science standard regarding forces and interactions

  • Mexican Teachers Research Paper

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    students. This will help her, as well as her students to succeed in the classroom. As a Liberal Studies major with an emphasis in History the author has learned how to teach both in a curriculum that integrates both subjects and how creating a lesson plan can help students understand what multiculturalism is. One thing that she feels was not taught during her time at CSUMB, is how to take on difficult situations in the classroom with different

  • Om From Our Twisted Hero Analysis

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    time to give up. When Om impressed the teacher, Han just gave up and wasn't willing to endure and try again. If Han had kept trying, he probably would have gotten Om in trouble eventually. This was Om’s way of teaching Han and that other students a lesson in enduring through hard times. As a twisted hero, Om didn't just show the student how to endure through tough times, he forced them to do it

  • Lesson Pl Eleventh Grade American History Classes

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    Lesson plan Overview: The following lesson plan is intended for high school students within eleventh grade American History classes. The content of the lesson plan follows the reading, interpretation, significant, and discussion of Gettysburg address. For the content within the lesson plan, if compared to a unit plan, this lesson would come near the later portion of the first half of the semester for American History students. Originally this lesson plan was presented and created by Tyler Cannon

  • Briley Belling Weekly Reflection

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    Briley Belling, Weekly Reflection # 8 How does the teacher plan the day, week, semester, year? My cooperating teacher keeps all lesson plans in a binder that are organized by each week, with the dates and times. There a spot next to each day, to write a note about the lesson being taught, the student activity, or an event that is happening. This way, there is a nice layout of the week, and what is happening and when. The content that is taught each quarter of the year, is planned in advanced with

  • Teacher Assistant Personal Statement

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    Jekoi D. Lassiter Personal Statement UNCG School of Education Degree Objective: M.Ed. My interest in the field of Education dates back to my primary years of school. Throughout my elementary years, I was always fascinated with aiding my fellow classmates in the area of reading comprehension, through the usage of breaking apart words and using the correct skills and strategies to attack reading passages and questions. This love for literacy increased throughout my grade school career. In my senior

  • Africa, A Look Through The Eyes Of A Child

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    Analysis of Lesson Plan The lesson that was picked for the 2nd graders is a lesson about Africa. The name of the lesson is called Africa, A Look Through the Eyes of a Child. From this lesson student will be able to explore literature about Africa and exhibit an interest in learning more about it. This unit will introduce them to one of seven continents of the world. From this lesson student will be able to ask and answer questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding

  • Psy 220 Week 9 Essay

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    Therefore, teachers have to be flexible and change the plan accordingly. The aim of the plan is to have coherence and variety. Teachers should put enough details in their lesson plans, and they need to ask themselves some question about the plan such as who are the students, what they want to do in the class, and how to teach them. Meanwhile, teachers should consider how to deal with unexpected situations. The author indicates that lesson plan does not have a

  • Reflection About Native American Farming

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    Students will realize that each tribe has their own practices and beliefs ranging from their spirituality to how they take care of the land. The lesson examines how these practices have been around since time in memorial and were long practiced traditions at the time of the “discovery” of America and continue to be used. Procedures: Day 1: The lesson begins with students doing a pre-assessment of playing four corners. All four corners of the room are labelled either; one, two, three, or four, these

  • My Ideal Classroom

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    a teacher, but weeks later we start seeing things like “What is lead-in?”, “What is warm-up”, things like definitions for vocabulary that we were going to use in all the course, next we saw types of students and things like that, then we see how to plan a class, next we start observing classes of other teachers, then we start giving demo-classes with our classmates, and finally we start giving classes with real students. The best part of the course. About the things, I learnt I could say this: -Somethings

  • My Observation Of A Good Host Teacher

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    your host teacher is doing for you because many teachers will not do it. I have had teachers turn me down for interviews and observations. My host teacher who i have now was willing to help me. I didn 't know that teachers are constant putting lesson plan together I wonder how

  • Elementary Music Observation

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    class. They were studying about the American flag and singing the Star Spangled banner. After the first graders left, Mrs. Whitmire gave me a sheet of her lesson plan. On the lesson plan, it had the lesson topics for September 8-14, 2015 which were String Family, Percussion Family, Piano, Forte, Piano, and Conductor. The objectives for these lesson topics were to review Forte/Piano and Loud/Quiet, to explore the piano, and to practice proper etiquette as a performer observer. Mrs. Whitmire captivated

  • Active-Learning Observation

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    and I had discussed pre-observation, certain features to be observed and my EP, who was not a CIDTL candidate, had ticked all the boxes in such a simple yet effective manner. Some of her teaching practices stood out and helped me model my unit 2 lesson plan based on that. My EC set the tone of the class environment as safe and participative. She did this with a semi-formal and personal greeting to her students. This had captivated the attention of the students including mine. My EP had wonderfully

  • Classroom Observation Of Walkthroughs

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    walkthrough. What lesson did you observe? What actions were taking place during the lesson? Was the content being taught aligned to the standards/objectives (please provide detail). What form of assessments are being used? Utilize the NC Teacher Evaluation Standards as your guide. I visited a first grade classroom for my walkthrough. The teacher was teaching sequential order using measurements of length for the math lesson. The students were not all fully engaged into the lesson that she was teaching