Nico Student's Instrument: Clarinet

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Junior Student Teaching – LESSON REFLECTION Teacher’s Name: Jamie Kelly Date of Lesson: 10/22/15 Student’s Name: Nico Student’s Instrument: Clarinet Instructions: After teaching this lesson, reflect on your teaching and the student’s learning. Use the following questions to help guide your thinking – Address those you feel were most applicable for this specific lesson. 1. What one or two words best describe your teaching experience during this lesson? I had a great time teaching this lesson this week. I believe Nico made a lot of progress on the instrument. It is exciting that he is becoming more comfortable and consistent on the clarinet. 2. What went well during this lesson? Nico and I made a lot of progress in this lesson. He is getting a lot more consistent with covering the tone holes and playing E, D, and C. He was able to learn Hot Cross Buns by rote very quickly, and then read iconic notation for it. 3. Did you reach your personal teaching goal(s) for this lesson? I reached my goal of giving Nico positive reinforcement in this lesson, and keeping him engaged. Nico seems like he is pretty excited to play the clarinet, which is exciting for me as his teacher. 4. If you had to do this lesson over …show more content…

posture, bottom lip, anchor, etc.). I plan to bring a checklist with me next week. I also probably would have used GarageBand a little more or had Nico record Hot Cross Buns in SmartMusic, but we ran out of time towards the end of the lesson. I plan to have Nico record in GarageBand and play along to SmartMusic in the next lesson. For next lesson, I want to make sure that Nico is tapping his foot properly as well, and make sure that he is breathing from his diaphragm (without using that term when teaching him). I also want to use a mirror next lesson so that Nico can see what proper embouchure and fingerings look

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