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National Merit Scholarship Corporation Essay – Jacob Klenke Most people of academic achievement ought to be able to readily cite a vast number of supportive mentors. John Donne recognized this through one of his works, stating that “no man is an island”. I am no outlier to this trend, for I have an immensely helpful family, superb educators, and friends that share similar interests in the world of science. However, I would like to concentrate on a rather unsuspecting part of my schooling as having the highest impact: my junior high music teacher. Amidst my life fixated on textbook education, she forced me to never be complacent, to hold high behavioral standards, and to passionately pursue the flighty sparks of inspiration. My instructor, …show more content…

As an illustration, I had the curiosity of a cat when music was involved, so I initially played trombone, but before junior high was over, I moved through two more brass instruments, tenor sax, and the piano, holistically growing my music skills. From my teacher, I had complete support each time I wanted to learn something new, but on the condition that I would work tirelessly at it. She also spurred me in my love of the sciences, ensuring that I was doing well in my coursework and discussing plans for my future in engineering or some related field. Simply stated, my music teacher pushed me to do what I love, for the fire of inspiration gives life zest in music and everything else. After thirty-three years of teaching at one school, Mrs. Peddicord retired the same night that I graduated junior high. She left the community, and I have not seen her since. To this day, though, I still draw from her numerous parables, quips, and admonishments to bolster my success. My loves of music and of learning have not been quenched, and they have grown inseparable. Music is a relaxation from coursework, and coursework deepens the beauty of music. I hope to find another mentor with influences as hers, for the inspiration and drive that she gave all areas of my life is

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