How Did The Transcontinental Railroad Affect Native Americans

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During the late 1800’s, many settlers were expanding to the West and the Transcontinental Railroad helped them move from the East to the West. Some wanted to gain 160 free acres of land known as the Homestead Act. The Transcontinental Railroad connected the East and the West. The Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad were the companies that built the Transcontinental Railroad; however, the companies were run by greedy men and felt no guilt as they asked the government to pass special bills for them. The railroad cut through many lands and affected the Native Americans in a perilously way. Furthermore, many resources, such as buffalo were slaughtered and were almost made extinct, and Native Americans lost their land to American settlers, as well as these resources.Therefore, the Transcontinental…show more content…
The Transcontinental Railroad slaughtered buffaloes, which were an important resource to Native Americans. According to document’s 6 context it states, “The building of the railroad impacted more than just people. Railroads would run over buffalo and even encourage fights among the buffalo.” This demonstrates that the Transcontinental Railroad killed humans and animals. Additionally, the railroad brought many sport hunters who killed the buffaloes for fun. Native Americans used the buffaloes for shelter, war supplies and clothing. Furthermore, the buffaloes were used for 52 ways for…show more content…
In other words, Native Americans lost their land due to settlers brought by the Transcontinental Railroad. Therefore, they may be forced to move and many may die due to harsh conditions. Furthermore, many buffaloes were deceased due to the Transcontinental Railroad and the Native Americans deeply depended on the buffaloes in order to survive. The buffaloes were an important resource for the Native

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