How Did Native Americans Affect Manifest Destiny

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Manifest destiny was almost like a way of life for the American people. It was the idea that something was destined to happen and that it would be better for the people if they followed this instinct. One of the thoughts that they got was traveling West. They thought that it would help them gain more land and become richer. This movement affected many people and places and tribes. The things and people that were most affected were the Native Americans, Slavery, and the relationship between free states and slaveholding states. The Native americans were very affected by manifest destiny. When people thought that it was part of manifest destiny to head west, the Native Americans suffered greatly. The Native Americans depended greatly on Buffalo. When someone from the tribe …show more content…

The north and the south had always had disagreements but they became more serious as manifest destiny settled in. In document 9 it says “Prior to manifest destiny and the expansion west the politics and economics concerned only the Northern and Southern states. The North had industrialized and in the process changing the way things were made from hand and home-made to machine and factory made. The South was agrarian and a large grower of cotton. With the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 and invention of textile machinery, it created a need for a greater labor force increasing the slave trade in the south. However, as Americans expanded west this created a third political and economic region which transformed the political and economic ideologies of the time,” ( Because the North and the South were so different with what they did to their land, there was some debates that would have happened regardless of manifest destiny. However, as the north and the south sought out different styles of life because of manifest destiny, their debates became more politically

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