Stephen Austin's Influence In North America

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The American Revolution was the first of its kind. It opened the ways an oppressed country could be liberated through sacrifice and dedication. It’s message inspired other oppressed groups to revolt, no matter how bad the odds, such as the Mexican and Haitian Revolutions. They all reinforced the ideas that the spirit of the people and of the oppressed could overcome all odds, whether its economic might, military might, or any other invisible strength. In Texas, American colonists also felt that they were oppressed by Santa Anna and the Mexican government. They wanted a revolution. Sam Houston took a stand by leading Texans to independence from Mexico. His actions resulted in reinforcing the need reject tyranny, increased American influence in North America and the spread of Anglicanism. Stephen Austin brought over American influence into Texas. Moses Austin helped pioneer this new American influence. In 1820, he asked and received a land grant of 200,000 acres from the Spanish government to settle 300 families(Utley 23). His work helped pave the way for his son Stephen …show more content…

Manifest Destiny was the American belief that expansion in North America was justified and a responsibility(Rohrbough and Nash, 217). Many Southerners and Westerners supported the war and the possibilities of expanding west. Two years later, the U.S. army pushed down to Mexico City and forced the Mexican government to surrender. They signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and ceded 40 percent of its territory, including present day California and Texas. This only fueled America’s desire to acquire more land and fulfill Manifest Destiny(Rohrbough and Nash, 218). In the following years, they tried acquiring land and islands from Central America including Cuba, but failed. Ultimately, Sam Houston and the Texas Revolution led to the U.S. gaining much more land than it originally had from Mexico, making them the dominant force in North

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