The Texas Revolution

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Texas joining the union and became a 28th state in the United States has 6 diffident flags which have flown over it. Spanish, French, Mexican, Republic of Texas, United States, and Confederate States of American and from all these counties form a melting pot of all different types of people who have come to Texas. Texas expands North and South nearly 1,000 miles and also East to west. Some of the largest densest areas in the cities such as Houston, Dallas, Waco, Austin, and San Antonio, where Houston at 2.3 million, Dallas at 1.4 Million, and Austin at 0.9 million make up 3 of the largest cities in the United States. Texas also comes in at 14th largest economy in the World with 6 of the Fortune 500 companies. Texas has so much going for it …show more content…

Most of the French settled in the Louisiana. Most of the area was mostly Native American and Europeans who were in Texas before the Texas Revolution. There were many diffident tribes of Native Americans and once more Europeans moved into the United States push many more tribes to the area. Today three main federally recognized tribes are in Texas and are the Coushatta, Kickapoo, and Ysleta del Sur Peublo (Wooster, 2015).
The Texas Revolution was where The Battle of Alamo where President Santa Anna did a 13 day siege and killed off the 100 Texas who were stationed there. This became a major victory for Santa Anna and also inspired the Texans to fight harder because the soldiers who surrendered also were killed off. General Sam Houston later on captured Santa Anna which later they declare impedance from …show more content…

Most of the oil could be exported by pipeline or by the Port of Galveston. Many of the larger cities grew over 500% during this time. This would be a great time for Texas and of growth. Many people would come to seek work during the Great depression and also when WW2 started and needed to build the logistical side of the war effort. 1.5 million Soldiers came to train in Texas during WW2. Fort Hood and Ft. Bliss would stay some of the largest bases up to modern day. Ft. Hood has a population of 53,000 in 2010 census and Ft. Bliss has a population of 8,500 soldiers with the largest base of 1,500 square

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