How Did The Us Expand During The 1840's

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Carolien Millenaar History quiz 2 12.02.14 Question 2: Manifest Destiny and a House Divided How did the US expand during the 1840's, why was this expansion controversial, and what did it have to do with the debate over slavery. Finally, how did this lead to the Civil War? As you explore these questions be sure to discuss the concept of Manifest Destiny and the various self-conceptions that Americans used when thinking about how the US should act. Draw upon lecture and Foner chapter 13. To understand the American politics and culture today, it is important to know the countries story. The years 1846-48 are some of the most important years of its history and geographical changes. To fully understand this, you must have some prior knowledge. …show more content…

In 1820 the countries boarder extended a lot. They bought a lot of land, but America had a hard time in buying Texas. They couldn't buy it without becomming Catholic, learn the Spanish language and become a Mexican citizen. This is one of the reasons for this to be controversial. As a response on this, more than three hundred American families with slaves came to the country. The slavery issue became bigger, and the Mexican government abandond more Americans to settle in Texas and by banning slavery. This led to riots between Mexico and Texas. Texas ended up being independt for almost 10 years. This was just the leed up to the Mexican-American war. America eventually won this and every major

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