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The siege of the Alamo is one of the most remembered battles in the history of Texas. It gave Early Texans the vigor they needed to defeat the Mexican forces at the battle of San Jacinto leading Texas to its independence from Mexico. The battle had the perfect set up for any interpretation of media, it had two of America’s most memorable figures, the heroic and mythical Davy Crocket, and the fiercely loyal knife fighter Jim Bowie fighting against the forces of Mexico’s Tyrannical President General Santa Anna. Many forms of media have taken advantage of the fantastical setup of the fight to make movies and such, but some decided to look into the real history of the battle. Randy Roberts and James S. Olson did just that in their biography of …show more content…

Ever since Americans settled in then Mexican Texas in 1800s, they feuded with their Mexican neighbors over political and religious views. The Settlers finally had it with Mexico after it went from a federalist government to a centralist which resulted in the Texas revolutionary war. To combat the revolt Mexico’s own President, Santa Anna led his generals and forces to end the conflict. The newly formed Republic of Texas gave General Sam Houston command of the Texan Army. The Texans fought well but they were forced to deal with bad conditions, to put it short, they were undersupplied and undermanned. Not that the Mexicans were much better off, especially having to deal with Santa Anna’s blinding determination and arrogance, but their men were in the thousands while the new republic was in the hundreds. The Mexico’s Army of operations had fought the rebels hard eventually backing them into San Antonio De Bexar were the Texans established themselves into the Alamo Mission. William Barrett Travis was given command of the Alamo after the former commander left due to personal business. Alongside him were honorable Texans, Americans fighting for freedom and dreams of getting hold of Texan land, and Tejanos, Mexicans who fought for the Republic of Texas. Two of the most important men at the Alamo however were David Crocket, the highly fictionalized frontiersmen and former U.S. Representative of Tennessee, and Jim Bowie, the famous knife fighter, slave trader and land speculator. Though these men were highly outnumbered and undersupplied, they fought bravely to defend the Alamo and the Texan cause, Travis himself Stated that he would hold out as long as possible with or without the help of his associates in his famous “Victory or Death” Letter to the leaders of the Revolution. But eventually it lead down to numbers, they were greatly outnumbered and out

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