Compare And Contrast The Alamo And The Revolution In Texas

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1. There were many reasons that had contributed to why the Anglos and few Hispanics made the courageous decision to go to war against Santa Anna. Some believed that it was economical. The cotton boom and the success of it was present with the Anglos presented an issue to the leader as a growing threat of entrepreneurship. Someone with more money could grow a strong army and potentially overthrow the crown. Another interpretation was the idea of racism within Texas. Anglos retained previous beliefs that anyone of darker color would be significantly inferior to them, which created tension between all of the inhabitants. I believe that there were many other ideas that went through the minds of Santa Anna and his people. I think that there could have been ideas revolving around land control, and taking the land. However, I believe that they probably believed that the Anglos had sought to overthrow or extinguish them so that the Anglos would be in control and have the power. 2. Many of the advances that each race made, some reflected what others did as well. Education was a huge focus for both …show more content…

The text goes into a great amount of detail about information revolving around the Alamo and the Revolution in Texas. During my primary school career, we never went as in depth about this topic at any time period. There were more survivors in the Alamo than I had initially believed to be. I did not have the impression that there was a decent amount left in the structure remaining; even though there were several Mexicans and Tejanos. During the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna was somehow able to discuss his life being spared and he would order his armies to fall back. I had no idea about this encounter with the cruel leader. It is astonishing that Santa Anna was able to negotiate his own life, even after all that he had ordered upon the Anglos and Mexicans. With the loss of their leader, I would think that the armies would retreat since there would be nobody to lead

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