James K. Polk And The Mexican War

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James K. Polk was the president at the time of the war, had his generals by his side. General Zachary Taylor distributed the first troops to set out and recover the land, but back fired when the Mexican forces had attacked. Major General Winfield Scott had provide U.S with a win, because of going westward and having the advantage. 73,532 regulars had volunteered to participate in the Mexican war, as for Mexico 70,000 had participated close to the same amount. The stability of Mexicans government had been under done and the political side of there government had been unprepared for international conflicts and wars. As time passed there worse nightmares came true, the war between U.S and Mexico. As for Texas, it becoming or settling as a independent state, in 1845 Texas became the 28th state in the U.S. …show more content…

More so because of the Texas revolution that happened years earlier. The border of Texas had not been originally confirmed or settled. The U.S then as written, journeyed out to claim the land there selves The Mexican war began at the time and year when James Polk was elected as president. Year 1845, James Polk offered a proposition to the Mexican government. Accordingly his proposition was to purchase distributed lands on the Nueces River and Rio Grande. More so, the Mexican government refused the proposition to give up the land. So then, the president James Polk sent out U.S troops, but the result didn’t come out as planned. Mexican troops attacked the American outpost and killed 12 soldiers, then capturing 52 of the

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