Manifest Destiny: The Black Hawk War

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In the early-mid 1800’s Manifest Destiny occurred. Manifest Destiny is a term for the United States expanding from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean and into Mexican territory. During this time, the United States obtained all the areas west of the original thirteen states. Many Americans had moved west because of personal economic problems. All throughout Manifest Destiny, the United States ran into problems with the Native Americans, faced a battle against Mexico, and obtained new land through battles with Mexico. As a result of whites moving to Native American land, the Natives rebelled. Representatives from several tribes visited Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk tribe and one representative said a prophet claimed Black Hawk would lead a rebellion to get their sacred land back. This war was called The Black Hawk War, and it ended in August, 1832, when the Illinois militia killed …show more content…

It started because of a dispute over borders between Texas and Mexico. President James Knox Polk supported Texan claims regarding the border and he also wanted to bring what is now New Mexico and California into the union. To settle the border issue, Polk sent John Slidell to Mexico to attempt to negotiate the purchase of New Mexico and California. However, Slidell was denied offers of settlement. Polk then ordered General Zachary Taylor to occupy disputed territory near the Rio Grande River. Polk did this hoping to spark Mexico into hostile action so there was more reason for the war. Mexican troops then attacked General Zachary Taylor’s troops near the Rio Grande. The Senate and House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to declare war on Mexico, however, American forces were stronger than Mexican forces so they could easily take areas. The United States took an area, that is now known as New Mexico. That was involved in Manifest Destiny because the United State claimed more land to the

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