Manifest Destiny Dbq

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Manifest Destiny was a positive force in American History. Because of Manifest Destiny, American settlers were able to travel to the more Western parts of our country like Texas. A lot of events took place in Texas which also helped us build our country throughout history. One of the main reasons why Manifest destiny was very important to our American history is because of its political effect. When Americans started to travel Westward, they had come across Texas, which was near Mexico. Mexico’s leader at the time was named Santa Anna, who had fought over the territory with the leaders of the US. At one point in time, Sam Houston had been elected president and led the US army into battles. As said in Document 7, “‘...The protection of our laws and the benefits of our democratic government should be extended over them in …show more content…

This is probably the biggest effect on our entire country in the upbringing of America. The economy was deeply affected during the California Gold Rush. Originally, a man had found a piece of gold that washed up on the shore. He had smashed it with a rock to test if it was real gold and it was. After hearing the news of this special case, a lot of people had started coming to California to get their hands on this material. Since everyone wanted to become rich, there were thousands of men working in the mines for weeks. After a little while, people were lucky to have even gotten a little bit of it. The gold was being mined to quickly that it was getting much harder to find. Because of this gold rush, Texas was rich and was able to greatly expand their technology and tools and advance into their new era. Document 1 shows a picture of a type of angel who is leading new technology behind her. In front of her, it shows the older technology and lifestyle fleeing. The picture represents how Texas was bringing a new change in society and made the largest technological advance for our country

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