The Alamo Legacy Essay

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The Legacy of The Battle of the Alamo
The Battle of the Alamo which took place from February 23, 1836 to March the same year was a very crucial event in the Texas Revolution. Even though the exact number of casualties is still unknown, it has been reported that about 182 to 257 Texans and about 600 Mexicans lost their lives in the battle, plus numerous destructions (O'Hern, 3). In what has come to be known as the Legacy of the Alamo, this battle became a symbol of heroic resistance and also a key event in their struggle for independence.
During the course of the fight for independence, on April 21, 1836, about 800 Texans led by Sam Houston, fought and defeated Santa Anna’s Mexican force which had outnumbered them. The war was fought at San Jacinto, the present day Houston. Sam Houston’s troops shouted “Remember the Alamo” as they fought (America’s Library). Their victory meant that Texas independence was on the verge of being finalized. Through the casualties of the war especially prisoners, Santa Anna, had to …show more content…

The Texan defeat of 1836 became the turning point for the fight for independence since, more than ever, it brought together Texans to fight for their land and gain their independence. It is through this defeat that majors like Houston got the news of the defeat and begun to reconstruct and assemble an army of Texans. When the army was ready, they took on the Mexicans by surprise in a quick battle and won. The destruction experienced in Alamo was a key factor to the victory of the independence of Texas because it was the last battle to be won by the Texans prior to independence. This was an event that immediately perpetuated efforts of delegates to finalize and document the independence. It is through the war that a newly elected delegates team from across Texas held a conference meeting at the Convention of 1836 and on March 2, the Republic of Texas was formed (O'Hern,

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