How Important Was The American West From 1830 To 1860

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During the period of 1830 to 1860, it is the time that had been changed American West so much. It is actually critical and controversial for the specific reasons and evidence why the American obviously becomes more significant. I would like to highlight the important points about this issue. Since the end of Louisiana Purchase, the US government broadly stated the idea of expansionism, around 1840, through many areas of America in order to occupy territory, the growth of federal government, and the creation of a bureaucratic state. With Polk as a president of US, he declared the needs to expand the territories westward. It led to the War and conflict with many powerful European countries that still occupied the areas, such as, Spain, Britain, …show more content…

The war between US and Mexican ended with getting back Texas, New Mexico, California, and the annexation of Oregon. This helped to complete the US territory, especially American West, what we are a nation currently. The slavery question in Texas is unsettled. People began to be independence. Those events and circumstances caused the massive change in American Identity. The expansion of the West territory fulfilled the US to become the ocean nation between Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean completely. Another identity bringing the US to change is “Gold discovery,” even if it was nine days before the treaty with Mexico in 1848, this discovery significant altered the US to the modern era. Based on above situations, the industrialization and the growth of the US began. It transformed the US society from rural to urban. The federal government offered the land distribution for agriculture, mining, and organizing settlers around many areas. Not only Americans but also people from European, Asian, and African also moved to the cities in order to seek opportunities in terms of jobs and affordable housing. The cities begin growing as a center of economy and financial, and also the number of population increased rapidly in the period of time. Several infrastructure projects and development in the West occurred to support people more

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