Summary Of Manifest Destiny By John L. O'sullivan

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Manifest destiny was the belief that was created by John L. O'sullivan in the 1840. Manifest destiny consisted of three steps, the creation of manifest Destiny, the process of achieving manifest Destiny, and finally achieving Manifest Destiny. These are the three subjects that will be talked about in this article.
Like I said in the previous Paragraph it was created by John L. O’sullivan when he wrote it in his article on Texas annexation and the dispute over the British Oregon trails. There were several diffrent way people used the word Manifest Destiny like the way John L. O'sullivan used it was he believed that “ majority of Americans at the time believed was their mission from God: to expand to west and bring the United States government to unenlightened people.” Which wasn't the belief others who believed that it was their mission to expand the “boundaries of freedom” Many democrats or people in the north did not want us to expand because they thought that the south was just using to expand slavery.Many people wanted other countries to …show more content…

That war started in April 1898 and ended in August 1898, not a very long lasted war but sure had an effect we got all of those places. We also had to go through the Native Americans so we had to do thing like the trail of tears, it was an atrocious event that affected many native americans.They had to take all of the Native Americans and move them into reservations so that the settlers could move into their land. Mexico wanted to from spain because they wanted more freedom. “ but the country suffered terribly from the struggle. The war caused severe economic burdens and recovery was difficult.” So they had to have the help from America there military wasn't very good so they had a lot of struggles. So they took the help of them and they got the other

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