Manifest Destiny's Westward Expansion In The United States

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Throughout the years of 1807-1910, there was a lot of tension and confusion within the United States. The major factor that prompted the U.S. expansion was they wanted to expand and make their borders known. An agreement called the Missouri Compromise was passed by Congress in 1820.This compromise admitted the states in pairs, one slaveholding and one free. Then in 1857 the Supreme Court ruled that Congress had no right to prohibit slavery in the territories. With that in affect, territories than got the right of popular sovereignty, which allowed the people to determine if they would permit or prevent slavery within their borders not congress. As a result, settlers on both sides of the issue poured into the Kansas and Nebraska territories …show more content…

Manifest Destiny found its greatest support among Democrats, particularly in the northeastern states, where Democratic newspapers preached the dream of spreading American traditions through nonviolent means. The Whig Party stood in opposition because Whigs feared a growing America would bring with it a spread of slavery. As the century went on, the South came to view Manifest Destiny as an opportunity to secure more territory for the creation of additional slaveholding states in Central America and the Caribbean. Although Manifest Destiny’s idea of nonviolent means to achieve their goal really didn’t happen, by the America’s westward expansion it greatly influenced a war with Mexico and the violent removal of the native …show more content…

expansion to expand and make their borders known. It consisted of battles and arguments that disputed the border of Texas, this war became known as the Mexican-American War. Mexico said that the border for Texas was along the Nueces, while the U.S. stated it was at the Rio Grande. The war lasted 2 years and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, in which Mexico renounced all rights to Texas, set the permanent border at the Rio Grande, and ceded land that is now California, Utah, and Nevada, as well as parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado for $15

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