Reconstruction After Civil War Essay

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After four agonizing years, America was back to square one and tried to rebuild itself from the broken pieces that were brought about by the Civil War. Somewhere, somehow America has to start and reestablish itself as a nation in accordance to their newfound freedom. In 1865 the government started the Reconstruction of the nation, the merging of the South territories back into the Union and the acknowledgement of the newly freed blacks into the American society. As it turned out, both the government and the people had a hard time accomplishing this feat. Both experienced a lot of resistance along the way. The differing set of opinions with regards to land ownership, civil rights and citizenship between the blacks and the southern whites became…show more content…
Since the implementation of the Reconstruction Act in 1877, changes have been made in the southern area. Southern Republicans led the reigns of the territory. Though the government faced a lot of challenges the major thing that the territory accomplished is the establishment of state-supported schools, which serviced not only the whites but the black children as well. The government engineered civil rights legislation and promoted the Southern economy. Again, this was a classic example of how Reconstruction worked pretty much well in the South although there were still some oppositions from the South’s traditional…show more content…
Traditional southern whites became violent during the early years of Reconstruction. They have assaulted the blacks, which got in their way even to the point of murdering them. They disdain the fact that both the blacks and the whites became equals after the Civil War. This incident posed a failure in the Reconstruction because not all the southern whites were able to accept the reality that blacks were no longer slaves but part of the American society with equal rights and citizenship. The government somehow failed to rehabilitate the way of thinking of the whites due to the fact that some of the leaders of the nation still have opposing views on how to treat liberty as a
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